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Helping you make the most of your visit to Mt. Rainier National Park!!

Whether you live in Washington or are coming from elsewhere in the world.  Once you arrive here maximizing your time and being able to go directly to great places to shoot pictures is important.  Driving from any of the major cities in western Washington will take you a couple of hours to get to the park and then more time to explore and find places to capture those images.This series of books is designed to provide you with those locations.

When we plan an escape to explore, it is to feed our primal need to connect with these wild places. 

If you are planning an adventure for a day or an entire vacation and are looking for locations to take memorable images.  Mt. Rainier National Park is a wondrous and beautiful landmark with all the infinite possibilities for great images within this park it can be difficult to know where to start.

Michael has explored and photographed more 3 dozen national parks and national forests across the United States.  Currently, living outside Mt. Rainier National Park, Michael has adventured and photographed in the park for over 10 years.  He has assembled this series of books to share some of those favorite places that he has explored and connected with.

The books of this series will;

  • Allow you to focus on those locations found in the northern and southern sections of the park
  • Discusses types of personal gear that should be considered when adventuring
  • Considerations about photo gear that you may want to utilize
  • Delivers GPS coordinates that allow you to navigate to them
  • Provides insights about conditions where each image was taken
  • Discusses optimal seasons for each location
  • Provide images of each location and some personal stories about those images

Vol-1 Cover

Vol-2 Cover

Vol-3 Cover

Volume 1 is available now on Amazon for Kindle: Click Here to go to Amazon Page

Volume 2 is available now on Amazon for Kindle: (paperback is in works):

Volume 3 is available now on Amazon for Kindle: (paperback is in works):


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