My Bio & Artistic Statement

Before I write about myself, I truly want to welcome you to the Gallery of Dynamic Earth Photography!!

The natural world around us is so amazing to me, there are places that I not only want to visit but explore, to see off the beaten path.  For each of my shoots and the images captured, I have spent countless hours traveling off that path.  I use a variety of ways to find my shots, whether snowshoeing in 20 feet of snow, sleeping in igloos high in the mountains, hiking along one of the most rugged coastlines of boulders, sand and gravel in the United States or gliding over pristine lakes by kayak.  It requires being in the right place at the moment when the light is just perfect, managing equipment and self in extreme heat and numbing cold to witness these special moments you see captured.

It is my aspiration to share with each of you visiting this gallery those incredible places that I have experienced, and foster a remembrance of an adventure or remind you that these places exist, encouraging you to get out there and see it.

Our dynamic earth’s natural places are in constant state of change.  The images reflected here are merely semblances of what will be in the decades to come.  A capture of just a moment in the journey that provided me with inspiration and I hope it fosters it in you as well.  Please feel free to share your comments, vote on and purchase your favorites, and share them, helping to foster the protection of these wild dynamic places.

It is my aspiration and goal to create Fine Art Photography images.  A Fine Art Photograph is a culmination of inspired artistry and my technical proficiency.  The integration of technical and artistry provides the viewer with a memorable experience.  The lack of either component can leave the viewer missing the vision and intent of the image.

For me a work of art is not the product of a camera or software, but a person.  To me taking the image without providing the inspiration and creativity, is deigning the artist and pleasure to the viewer. It becomes more than just a photo and is transformed into art.

There are elements of an image I have some extent of control as a photographer.  I can select the type of light, the composition, the lens, camera and other technical aspects in the capture of the image. The creative and artistic aspect of my photography does not really occur during the image capture.

Satisfaction of the creativity that resides within me comes out in the work done on the image I captured in my camera.  It is in taking that creative aspect captured in my camera first and infusing it with the passion and sensations experienced at the moment I captured the photograph.


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